Safety of Funds


Clients Funds Segregation

Clients Funds Deposited with Berry are held in segregated bank accounts and separated from the company's funds. Berry, upon receiving any Clients’ funds, promptly places those funds into one or more accounts, denoted as “Clients”, opened with any of the following:

  • Central Bank
  • Credit Institution
  • Bank authorized in a third country
  • Qualifying money market fund
  • Deep liquidity from Tier-1 banks
  • Islamic (Swap Free) accounts

As we continue to grow internationally and establish ourselves as a global brand, our main priority will remain your profitability, your success and your happiness as our clients – and it always will be. Being an industry leader is more than just leveraging the latest technologies. Our experienced staff is made up of a group of honest, reliable and hardworking professionals whose goal is all-encompassing support of our clients. With our priority of immediate response to your questions and willingness to expand both our knowledge base and yours, we are propelling Berry to a market leader in innovation and customer service. Fully licensed and regulated, our trading expertise encompasses currencies, precious metals, commodities, CFDs and Futures.

Berry Markets International operates different deposit procedure depending on your location (where money sent from):


  1. Berry Emirates NBD Bank account - ONLY for clients out side UAE
  2. TME Masreq Bank account - for all local clients in UAE

NO UAE client's payment would be accepted in Berry Emirates NBD